Little boys

Bathtime in the sink!


Graham called me outside the other morning to show me that he could ride his tricycle all by himself!  He’s been working on it for awhile, but could only ride downhill before.  Now he can ride around under our carport too!


3 comments on “Little boys

  1. I love it that you keep us in the loop with these daily acts that are so special and precious and gone too soon! I still remember my little ones learning to ride trikes. (I think they were 12.) And when I saw your post on Facebook it read, “Brothers Graham……” and I thought maybe you were calling them the “Brothers Graham” like “The Brothers Grim.” hahahahahaha, haha, ha, sigh……guess you had to be there. Love you!

  2. Mom says:

    Somehow I’d missed these entries. I think I didn’t keep checking your page cuz I didn’t think you were posting — and I didn’t see anything popping up on a home page. Now I’ll know to keep looking! 🙂
    You and your boys 🙂 Like “Jo’s Boys” / Little Men — but Jenny’s Boys.
    Love you,

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