What to do…

Stocked the freezer, cleaned the house, washed the baby clothes, got out the carseat, set up the cradle…now what?  I’m running out of things to do, and there’s still a week to go.  Wait a minute, only a week to go?!  Didn’t I just recently have this precious little newborn?

And now there will be two little guys to love on!!  Well, while we await the new arrival, we can always read books while sitting in the laundry basket.   I’ve never tested to see how long Graham would sit with me to read books together; I’m always ready to be done before he is!  Maybe this week we can get in some good, long, cuddling on the couch with books hours, during these last “just Graham” days.

“Sounds good to me, Mom!  How ’bout Billy and Blaze?” 🙂


A Walk in the Country

Sunday afternoon was beautiful, and we decided to drive out to Lake Thunderbird and enjoy the outdoors together.  Graham loved being “inna country!”