New blog address!

Hooray, a new background theme! I was getting tired of the old one. 🙂 When we move, this blog will become more active (mostly with pictures of Graham 🙂 ).  So….stay posted!

C.S Lewis conference and Norman trip 141


Our Trip!

Well, I was trying to add more pictures, but blogger won’t upload them, so you’ll have to be content with these few for now. 🙂

We just recently went to Kansas for a conference on C.S. Lewis where Max was the speaker. It went very very well (I’m so proud of my husband), and then we visited Norman, Oklahoma where we will be living in the fall!

We decided to let Graham try driving. 🙂
Precious little boy asleep on the hotel bed.

Just the three of us!

I thought Graham was asleep, so I stuck the camera back there to get a picture. Nope, I’m awake , mom!

My handsome husband ready for Friday night’s talks.