A quick catch-up

Hello everyone! Yes, we still exist. 🙂 I have turned out to be a dreadful blogger, I know. Hopefully I will do better in the future, but no promises. 🙂 As a result of a two and a half month blog silence, this will be a very random post, covering lots of time. Here goes!

Our dear, sweet nieces! These were taken on a quick visit in April (I think). Breakfast was yummy!

These pictures were taken at a dinner that us kids (I guess I still include Max and I in the “kids” category 🙂 ) put on for our parents. It turned out well and we all had a good time. There were lots of people in the kitchen!

There are cute little bunnies at our house! And since I don’t have a garden, I don’t have to count them as pests! 🙂

Mrs. Teter’s voice students! This was a very nice PSCA recital back in April or May. I was so proud of my two sisters who both performed beautifully.

Eighth grade graduation!

(Sorry the pictures are kind of fuzzy.)

My little brother is in high school! Actually, he’s not so little anymore. 🙂 I love having a brother taller than me! Connor, we are very proud of you.

An exciting trip to the pet store with Nathanael and Lillian!

Ballet recital!

Well, there you have it. Little snippets of our life for the past few months. Actually, these pictures cover only very little bits of it, but they were the only pictures I had. 🙂 There is one more very significant thing that has taken up much of our thoughts lately. But I think I will wait until I can work on a post about it together with my dear husband and ask him how to scan and post a precious picture that we have. 🙂 So, that’s all for now!