Love is real

Has anyone noticed that nearly every marriage book published says the same thing? “Just wait until the honeymoon is over, then comes reality.” Or, “The first year is always the hardest.” We have discovered that that is simply not true. Being married has only drawn us closer together. We love each other more and more every day. Fights are not inevitable, stress does not have to tear the two of you apart, and communication does not have to stop. So, don’t worry or lose hope. Marriage is beautiful, even after the honeymoon. We didn’t go through a “reality check.” It’s only gotten better and more wonderful. Praise the Lord!



A few weeks ago the three little Parish kids came to our house to spend the night. What a great time we had! Reading on the front lawn, playing in the sandbox, making cookies, and camping out in the living room are so much fun with little kids!

Three of the sweetest little siblings ever!

These are the kids I help with next door, Nathanael and Lillian. Both sweet kids; very full of energy, but fun to be around. 🙂 About two and a half weeks ago, their new baby sister was born! Lillian constantly is asking to “kiss baby Joy” and Nathanael complains that Joy sleeps way too much. 🙂 In this picture we are in the process of making cookies. Cookies with kids can be quite messy, so I put aprons on everyone. 🙂


First Steps

We thought it might be worthwhile to create a blog dedicated to the life of our family. As I just implied, the blog lives for us; we don’t live for the blog. Thus, we plan on feeling very little stress if the updates become a bit erratic. This notwithstanding, we think it’s a good thing to use technology to stay connected with our family and friends wherever possible. If you want the sometimes boring but always honest mental bubblings that come from Max’s head, visit his blog linked on the sidebar. If you want more interesting news concerning our life together, bookmark this blog and check in periodically.